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The Offensive Weapons Bill (OWB) here in the UK has put a spotlight on the state of absolute hysteria perpetuated by politicians here. It’s shown the world thepropaganda, slight of hand and just downright lies UK shooters have to put up with by those who, “just want what’s best for us”.

From the absolute hilarity of claiming a .50cal target rifle has an effective range of 6.8km to wanting to ban under 18s from using air rifles on private land, it shows an almost childlike understanding of firearms by those with a little power.

Only last week we had a Scottish MP trying to bully a gun shop into closure simply because he disagrees with shooting sport and used a location of a school nearby as a means to try to impose his own will. However all this has shown is in the shooting community who is actually on our side and what shooting organisations actually fight the hardest.

What has been disappointing to me however is an almost complete glossing over of a very important aspect of the OWB, a part that will harm the most vulnerable shooters, a part that wants to take their sporting equipment from them at the end of a gun ironically. The proposed banning of MARS rifles or lever release rifles.

Police claim the rifles are too close to semi automatics and that they are far too dangerous for civilians to operate..........the reality is they are modified rifles that allow disabled people to compete without causing pain or discomfort.

I live with a painful bone disease myself so there are times when I can’t physically go shooting, any aid I can get to help ease the pain as you can imagine would be most welcome, so why is it deemed as acceptable to take an aid from other disabled shooters simply based on a “what if” scenario? When was it logical to prohibit based on a straw man?

I haven’t seen much mention of the ......I will call them Disabled Adapted Rifle Systems (DARS) instead of MARS as that’s what they are, from the main organisations, nor have I seen much mention from MPs. In recent interviews I took part in my comments on DARS were ignored, why?

Why has what amounts to blatant discrimination against disabled shooters not been highlighted? Why are the organisations not focusing on the ban, is it viewed as a lost cause? Why should something not semi auto be deemed as such simply because certain people don’t like them?

I have been constantly writing to MPs but none seem to care about the issue, should we take it lying down or join together to make a stand for all in our community?

Stand up for disabled shooters, stand up for gun owners, stand up for all disciplines before you have nothing to stand for.



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