We are Shrivenham Smallbore Club (SSbC)

Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD), TVP123333

Home Office Approval, CFP10.

Community Amateur Sports Club (CASA), 00761

National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA) Club Affiliation, 01278

Kim Gibbons
Mr Kim Gibbons
Appointed Position

Retired Building Services engineer and Manager and ex member of BIFM, ISM, IOHS

Keen airgun target shooter for over 10 years, specialising in 6 &7 yard and 10 & 20 metre air rifle. Air Gun pistol in 6yard and 10 meters. Plus, keen HFT shooter and member of local Black Cat HFT club

Expertise in the air rifle also helps on the smallbore arena and vice versa

Love smallbore 22LR in 25yrd/20,25meter indoor range targets will follow through to 50 and 100 yards in the future. But keen to perfect the 25 yards prone, "much harder than people think for consistency"

Also love the 44 gallery rifles, "a tad more difficult and more expensive, but great fun"

Approved Range Control Officer under the NSRA

We run with Four Honorary Members to the Committee, Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Members Secretary which heads up a Management Committee of not less than Five and not more than Eleven members...

Members Secretary - this position is awarded at the end of each meeting to the person who is most relevant to the subjects covered - Defaulted to the AIR Members Rep' (Davy Thomas 2022)

Police Liason - Larry Gilbert

AIR Training - Kim Gibbons

LIVE Training and Coach - Kim Hubbard

AIR Members Representative - Davy Thomas

Stats Officer - Kevin Neale

New Members Representative - George Butler 

Planning Officer - Roger Baker

Fundraising Officer - Penny Hockley 

Ladies Officer - Maxine Wells 

Veterans Officer - Colin Myler

Young Members Representative - Hugo Wells

Larry Gilbert
Mr Larry Gilbert
Kim Hubbard
Mr Kim Hubbard

Carpenter and test engineer

Long term shooter in air rifle and smallbore, one of the original Swindon Smallbore Club members, that has seen the change of time and locations

Larry has been “the club” for the last 15 years, keeping the club going and getting new members through massive challenging periods

Larry is an instructor and Range control officer with 40 years of experience behind him, with numerous wins and medals in this period. He is keen to see people grow and expand moving forward and gaining results. He is keen to help, but will only help when asked to do so. Not wanting to seem pushy

His weekly target results show his skill consistently

The backbone of this club and if it wasn't for Larry there wouldn't be a club...

Training Officer and Coach 

Military trained shooter that simply passes on what he has been taught

ex UK military, UK trained and registered Deer Stalker, Estate Management, Businessman of many ventures Historic and Classic Car Restorer, War Birds Builder and Firearms Executor oh and the webmaster

Director of Artisan Rifles Limited who are Firearms Executors answering the question 'What will happen to your guns if something happens to you' by providing a unique service caring for firearms after the earthly departure of the licence holder

For LIVE.22LR: Please read the rules regards the application for a Firearms Certificate as they apply also to the use of club Firearms, You will eventually require a Firearms Certificate to be a FULL member of SSbC

For Air.177: Things are less restricted, sessions available simply for Air Pistol and Air Rifle users...

Use the Contact Form for your initial introduction, we will call you or email you to arrange a time and date for your first visit and session - this Introduction session will include a tour of our facilities, explanation of the rules of the club and safety, Q&A's (from both sides) and at the end (if all is fine) you will be offered the opportunity of shooting five rounds with a 22LR rifle under supervision with an instructor (Or AIR if that is preferred). 

The first session is free, a contribution to the ammunition used is appreciated (a packet of biscuits will do).

For LIVE and AIR: If, as expected you like it, you are given a form to apply for membership, when completed with a passport-sized photo and the joining fee of £26, access to the Website members area, RangeBookingApp, WhatsApp Group is granted in order that you can go forward to Book time for your continuing sessions of training, as an Associate Member to SSbC, within the 'Probation Period'.

The 'Probation Period' is six months (Green fee per week is £5:00, therefore you can shoot as many times that access is available within a calendar week, not 7 days from your fee) which must have a minimum of twelve attendances in this recorded period.

Your application will then go before "The Committee" for approval. If not approved a further time period may be given in exceptional circumstances or the joining fee is returned to you. For LIVE: **We will assist with the application of a Firearms Certificate, as this is required outside of the 'Probation Period' for LIVE, not for AIR** 


Joining fee: £26:00

Green fee: £5:00 per/week (not a 7day duration e.g. Monday to Monday)

Annual membership subscription: £170:00

NSRA annual membership subscription: £90:00 (included in the £170:00)

A Pro-rata charge: £14.17, once your membership has been approved you are asked to pay (from the end of the acceptance month to the 31st November) the membership fee for the subscription year that you are in, the advanced annual membership fee is then due in full on the 31st November

Extension: If your probation period has been extended by the Committee you continue to pay the Green fee but asked to pay for the NSRA membership to SSbC or direct

For LIVE and AIR: Annual membership dues in full in the month of November, or before, for the following 1st December to 30th November @ a subscription of £170:00 (Juniors up to 18 are discounted, ask for further details) - (£90:00 is for your NSRA membership, £80:00 annual Club running costs)

Standing Order: £14.17 per/month SO may be set up for the advance payment of the following year's subscription

Associate: You pay your insurance to us of £90, plus you are asked to pay the Green fees, 

Affiliate: You are required to have NSRA, NRA (or insurance that covers range fire and not just Zeroing) insurance, You pay just £90 which covers your annual Green Fees


** The NSRA requires insurance (part of the membership fee or obtainable direct) in place prior to shooting on our registered range **

** If you have NSRA membership which includes insurance or any other Range insurance (copy required) the Annual fee is £90 to be an SSbC member **

** As a LIVE member your targets are included **

** As an AIR member targets are charged according to the discipline shot **

** If you go direct to the NSRA they offer a more comprehensive full-membership at a greater cost **

** Alternative shooting insurances are available but please make sure they cover RANGE SHOOTING and not just ZEROING **

Ammunition: 22LR Eley - Sport £5.25, Club £6.75 and Match £10.75 per/box of 50 rounds and .177 Air Rifle/Pistol and Match pellets are available please ask for current prices

Instruction: training, coaching, use of club equipment is FREE (just remember us at Christmas and Birthdays)

Tea and Coffee, available @ 50p p/c as are biscuits (it's your turn to buy...) 

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